What I Do:

I help Mender-Mystics connect with their truth and power so that they can unleash their unique mending-mystic magic in the world.

Why?  Because magic is fun.  It heals.  And the world could use more of it.

What is a Mender-Mystic, you ask?  Mender-Mystics are:

  • People who want to create beauty and end suffering.
  • Sensitive souls who see and feel what’s wrong in the world and want to help.
  • Folks in search of realness, depth, and expansive spirituality.
  • Healers of people, plants, and animals; communities, institutions, and ecosystems
  • Peace-makers, justice-doers, truth-tellers, and liberation-seekers
  • Helpers and restorers, activists and artists, teachers and wisdom-sharers

If this is you, congratulations!  You have valuable gifts to share with the world!  Your sensitivity, creativity, depth, care, and passion are your magic-making superpowers.  (If this is not you, congratulations!  You too have valuable gifts to share with the world.  I just may not be the right coach for you).

I know from experience that the life of a Mender-Mystic is not always easy.  Living in the depths can feel lonely and isolating, like you’re a fish out of water who doesn’t really belong in this particular dimension of time and space.  Sensitivity can lead to burnout and breakdown.  A desire to help and heal often brings us face to face with pain, cruelty, and injustice, not to mention our own limitations and shortcomings.  This is where life coaching can help.

Coaching may be for you if:

  • You see and feel what’s wrong in the world and want to figure out how your gifts, voice, vision, and truth can be a force of light and healing.
  • You’re already doing work aligned with the truth of your mission but still feel varying degrees of overwhelm, stagnation, exhaustion, disillusionment, or dissatisfaction.
  • You (maybe secretly) want wholeness and healing for yourself as much as you want it for the world, but don’t know where to start.
  • You long for more peace, freedom, and joy in your life, even when there is so much un-done and not okay in the world.

I believe the world needs your magic – your compassion and healing power, your art and creativity, your sensitivity and spirituality, your activism and passion – and I would love to help you bring it to life.

Some Things about Me:

IMG_0446I used to study religion.  My specialty was queer theology.  One day after a semester had ended, I was walking through the woods when I noticed I was feeling a rare, strange, and glorious absence of anxiety.  In that moment, I decided I wanted peaceful walks in the woods more than I wanted a PhD, so I left academia.  These days, I work in domestic violence advocacy.

I dream of the end of the imperialist, capitalist, white supremacist, cisnormative heteropatriarchy, and I believe we hold the collective power to shatter it into oblivion.

I used to believe I did not have the right to be happy in a world where injustice and oppression exist. I believed I needed to atone for my privilege and earn my okayness by obeying the tyrannical orders of my “should” voice (work harder; be better; do more).  I do not believe this anymore, and it’s working a whole lot better for me and the people I’m with.

I believe our flourishing and joy are essential in the creation of the world we want and need.

I believe in the life-giving power of stillness, quiet, and beauty.  Some of the most beautiful things I’ve seen are a tornado, an Andean condor in flight at close-range over a canyon in Peru, and this video.  Also, those moments when people open themselves to the power of story, inquiry, and love and then change their minds.  Like this.

I am an INFJ nature-mystic.  I enjoy the company of dogs and trees.  These days, I try really hard to trust the wisdom of my body and follow the feeling of freedom.  I write, run, and sort of meditate.  I’m always searching for people to pull into deep conversations about life, God, and Star Wars.  I practice reiki, play with astrology + tarot, and wander in the woo.

I love stories, and I would love to hear yours.