Welcome!  I’m so happy to connect with you in virtual space.

My name is Rachel, and I love helping people create beauty, make meaning, remember wholeness, and uncover truth – in their own lives and in the world.

A Story:

One day some time ago, when life was feeling especially hard and uncertain, I thought to myself: I need a clear path.  After using the coaching tools on myself, I realized that, in fact, an unclear path wasn’t the problem.

I didn’t need a clear path; I needed a clear self. zack-silver-49053

The muddy path was just fine really.  Because in the end, I’m not here to make my path less muddy; I’m here to get my hands dirty, to journey through my messy, imperfect life in ways that connect me to what really matters: truth, purpose, growth, freedom, and love.  And I do this most effectively when I’m clear myself.

So this is what we do here: find our way to truth and freedom so that we can bring our clear, true selves to the gritty, muddy mess of life.  This is sometimes thrilling and exquisite, sometimes excruciating and complicated, but it’s what we’re here for.  So let’s show up and greet it with our realest, clearest selves, shall we?